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The Trigger Happy Bundle pack is the perfect recovery pack.

We all understand the importance of mobility and recovery, whether you are a crossfitter, weightlifter, runner or gym person. With this pack you can work on all aspects of trigger point at home, at work, at the gym or even take these great tools on holidays.

Lacrosse/Trigger Ball

f an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then incorporating Lacrosse ball in your workouts will keep pain away. Lacrosse ball is an inexpensive self-massage tool, whose size gives the convenience of portability and storage. Here are some of Lacrosse ball benefits:

  • It helps in fixing muscle imbalances in the body and increase blood circulation promoting healing process.
  • Lacrosse ball helps in enhancing mobility and motion range prior and after workouts.
  • Disengages trigger points in the body providing scar tissue breakdown and myofascial release.
  • With its pain free fluid movement, lacrosse balls will improve your workout performance
  • It is easy to use and cheaper as compared to conventional massage treatments.

Massage Ball/Spiky Ball

Massage balls are multidirectional workout tool with enormous value. They are ideal for self-deep massage and stress relief. Massage balls are also used for therapeutic effects. They can help in skin and underlying soft body tissues stimulation, feet, hands, and body massage. Their constant usage stimulates blood circulation increasing muscle building and recovery, and relieves tension from performing Olympic lifting and challenging yourself for a WOD.

Trigger Roller/Trigger Point Roller

3D trigger point rollers features high profile bumps whose size, spacing, shape, and elasticity is crucial to their effect. The bumps are firm, flexible and are designed to give a massage therapist thumbs effect. 3D trigger point rollers are made from premium materials to enhance its performance and durability. Using 3D trigger point roller has diverse benefits to you. “Rolling out” on the 3D trigger point roller allows the bumps to continuously knead your body contours softly stretching and relaxing soft body tissues in various directions.

This activates deep muscle tissues, erodes trigger points, reliefs muscular pain, restores flexibility, stretches your fascia and muscles in multiple directions and enhances access to soft tissues. 3D trigger point rollers are safe to use in that they are made to be firmer than muscle tissues but softer than body bones. You can control the pressure applied by the bumps on your body by using different techniques while exercising. When it comes to cleaning your 3D trigger point roller, you only need to wipe it down with soap and water.

You will benefit from a 3D trigger point roller whether you are a crossfit athlete, power lifter, runner or fitness enthusiast.


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