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No Pain No gain Workout Towel- light blue

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No Pain No Gain - shut up and train - workout towel- light blue 

This is the perfect size workout towel 60 cm x 110 cm 

During workouts, sweating is inevitable, but having a super quality towel will help you keep dry in the midst of exercise.

Wicked fitness accessories offers the best workout towels, whether you are heading to the gym, crossfit, yoga, boot camp, pump or a spinning classes.

This is the perfect size workout towel.

Don’t throw in the towel, use it to wipe up the sweat and keep going!!!

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2 Reviews

deb 21st Dec 2015

A little fun in a harsh world!

I love this little towel - great colour, size and the phrase makes me smile!

Jo 11th Mar 2015

The best workout towel

Love the colour. Love the phrase. Bought all the girls in my family one for our bootcamps and gym. They love it!!

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