Human X by Harbinger 4" Foam Core Weightlifting Belt

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The Foam Core Belt's hook-and-loop design and heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle allow for a fully customizable, extra-secure fit. It also makes it easy to quickly tighten or loosen the belt when switching between heavy lifting movements and light / bodyweight movements. A flexible foam core, plush tricot lining, and tough nylon exterior give the belt a unique combination of comfort and durability.

Product Details:

  • 4” Belt with 3” Support Strap
  • Lightweight Foam Core for Comfort
  • Flexible Nylon Web Core moves with body
  • Heavy-gauge Steel Roller Buckle for Custom Fit
  • Color: Black


Important: Choosing the right size belt is extremely important. Be sure to follow the size chart below before ordering. Use a tape measure, NOT your pant size, to determine your belt size.



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1 Review

Ryce 6th May 2015

harbinger human x weightlifting

The harbinger human x weightlifting belt provides me the support I need to hit those heavier lifts in both oly lifting, WODs and power lifting.

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