Goat Tape

Goat Tape - Scary Sticky - Blue


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Goat Tape - Scary Sticky - Blue

Scary Sticky - Goat Tape's Signature Product

Tired of having to use half a role to get it to stick?  Do you workout where it's hot and humid and all the sweat runs down to your hands?  Then Goat Tape is the product for you.  It's the new standard in WOD premium athletic tape.  It's scary sticky.

Goat tape, Scary Sticky is the world’s first athletic tape designed specifically with Crossfitters in mind.


Goat Tape is made from soft non-stretch cotton, and features ludicrous tensile strength, in addition to our signature Malaysian-grade adhesive. Easy to use and rips easily lengthwise and width-wise.  Making application straightforward and hassle-free.

The World's first athletic tape designed specifically for the Functional fitness athlete. Goat Tape provides protection and support through the nastiest, sweatiest of WODs. 

Primarily formulated for wrist, thumb and finger taping for Olympic Weightlifting movements during training and competition.


Also available in Silly Soft, which is specifically formulated for Gymnastics Movements.


Goat \ˈgōt\ (noun) 1. Muscle-ups, HSPUs, pistols, snatches -- it's that miserable weakness that keeps coming back. As a result, the goat has become symbolic of all your failures, staring you down every time you walk into the gym.

Length 9.1m

Width 3.8cm



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