Who is Wicked Fitness Accessories?

Wicked Fitness Accessories is a Registered Australian Business with Australian Business Number 90 430 378 512.

Do you offer wholesale rates?

Yes, please see the wholesale area and we will work together with you to make it happen.

My size knee sleeves are not available?

We are continually getting new stock. Please email info@wickedfitness.com.au to check when your size will be available again.

What is Paleo?

Paleo, also known as Primal or Caveman diet. The Paleo lifestyle is a way of eating and living that brings us in-tune with the ways of our healthy hunter-gatherer ancestors using the foods that are available to us today. This means emphasising combinations of whole, natural foods: meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts; as well as taking into account the importance of sunshine, activity and rest. In short, it’s all about getting back to basics. These basics have helped countless people lose weight, heal metabolic issues, and even combat autoimmune disease - not to mention the positive effects on athletic performance.

The diet has gained a huge following lately and as a result it is often scrutinised, misrepresented, and often misunderstood. The thing about Paleo is that it’s not really a new diet. The lifestyle – yes it’s much more than a diet – it is a lifestyle.

Are all your products in nutrition Paleo?

98% of the products under nutrition are Paleo, all products under nutrition are awesome if following a clean eating program.

Are all products in nutrition gluten free?

Yes, all products under the nutrition section are gluten free.

What is the supplied length of cable supplied with the RPM speed ropes?

All RPM speed ropes come with a supplied cable length of 12'.

Why is my RPM speed rope cable fraying?

The bare cable is not the most durable, but RPM feel that it is worth the trade off for speed. That is why we sell replacements for only $5.00. 

Are your compression socks suitable for air travel to prevent DVT?

Yes, all Lunatikathletik compression socks will help prevent DVT will travelling.

What if I have choosen the wrong size weightlifting belt or knee sleeves?

No problem. See return section of site. Return your item to exchange for the correct size.