Hand Care

Part of every CrossFitter’s journey is experiencing ripped hands. Rips happen fairly occasionally but when they do it tends to be in the middle of a gruelling WOD when you could really do without the pain of inconvenience of torn hands!

While some people see it as a “warrior’s mark” to have ripped hands, it definitely affects your performance during workouts, limiting your time on the barbell or hang time on the rig while you have ripped hands. When you are about to attack a WOD that has a lot of pull ups, toes to bars and any of the other palm-ripping movements, it is a better idea to think about your hand care before performing the WOD. That way you can smash through these movements without having to go through that excruciating pain afterwards.

Hand grips are a great solution to protecting your hands There are many hand grips available and it is a personal choice to which ones you prefer. JAW grips are a versatile grip that is lightweight and fairly robust.


And when the enviable does happened, you will want to minimise that stinging sensation every time we grip anything or take a shower,

RXD hand repair balm is a great product that aids regeneration of skin; this stuff is AMAZING! A small amount goes a long way and after a couple of days of using the tears heal up and you will be back to business pain free.

Repeating this for a few days heals the skin tears and we’re back in business, pain free.