Five Ways To Improve at CrossFit

Here are five ways you can up your fitness for next year’s Open.

1)Set a Goal – So you rank 250th in your region. Or 167th. Or 369th. The number doesn’t matter. But set a goal to beat yourself during next year’s Open. Define if you want to rank five, ten, or fifteen spots better than you did this year. Once you choose a target, it’s time to get working!

2)Focus On Your Core – Doing muscle ups and kipping pull-ups definitely beats doing the one chin up that you can muster. Seeing the best athletes in your box do muscle ups and kipping pull-ups during WODs can be a bit frustrating as well. However, what you don’t see is the work these athletes have put in for months, or even years. So instead of pouting about how you’ve been doing CrossFit for six months and how you still can’t do more than 5 pulls up in a row, we suggest going back to the basics. One way to do this is to incorporate a core-strengthening workout into your daily routine. For example, take fifteen minutes a day to do a variation of plank and hollow holds. Focus on technique and if you’re more advanced, feel free to add weight to these movements.Within a few weeks, you’re bound to see improvements.

3)Be Committed To Improving Long Term – So much of CrossFit is about getting lost in the movement, competing, and improving now, now, now. While we love this aspect of the CrossFit culture, we’re sure you’ve seen the athletes that take it a bit too far, too quickly, and suffer through injuries, burnout, and frustration. Remember that injuries derail you, and getting to where you want to be with an injury will take even longer. Meanwhile, burnout will cause you to take a step back and re-evaluate why you’re doing what you’re doing. We recommend working your butt off, following step 2, remembering that CrossFit is supposed to be fun, and that your fitness is a lifelong project. This will keep every failing you have at the box in perspective.

4) Show up, regardless of the workout - It's okay to admit it…. You’ve skipped workouts that include movements that you hate. We all have. I mean, who really wants to do 100 burpees or snatches or "Murph"? But you're always going to suck at snatches or burpees or long distance conditioning if you don't show up for these workouts. Do these challenging workouts with a smile and in a few months, these movements will be easier because you've done the work.

5) Just Do CrossFit - It's really a simple recipe. You won't get much better at CrossFit if you're only doing it twice a week, and still running, taking a dance class, and a boxing class. You don't have to quit everything you love, but you do have to make CrossFit your main focus. Choose a box with good programming and you'll get plenty of variety and will not get bored.

There you have it, five simple ways to improve at CrossFit over the coming year.

How will you choose to improve?