Claire Adelle


Claire was introduced to Crossfit in 2013 when she was searching for a cross training method with kick boxing. With no previous experience in weight lifting or gymnastics she discovered a whole new world of fitness and fell in love.

After 6 months Claire transitioned over to Crossfit full time and never looked back. Strength, agility and performance being the primary goal and reasoning above aesthetics resonated deeply with Claire and she began upon a journey of not only physical strength, but mental and emotional also.

For 12 months Claire was actively engaged in the recreationally competitive side of Crossfit and threw herself into the community.

She loved competing and getting to know members from other boxes and cultivated many great friendships.

In November 2014 Claire completed her Level 1 and began coaching. She had found a new passion outside of herself or her own goals and coaching became her number 1 priority.

She then went on to complete her Cert III & 4 in Fitness and is now currently sharing her love of strength with the members of the box and also personal one on one clients. 




Fredrick Tapsall 


Fredrick was introduced to thefitness community due to health reasons. At the age of 20 he was 155kg, he started weight lifting and self-educated himself for a healthier lifestyle. Within 16 months he got down to 102kg’s, a massive weight loss of 53kg’s.

Fredrick then moved from out of the gym to bootcamps Australia and found the drive to become qualified as a personal trainer. Once he was qualified he was helping people in the boot camp community and one on one personal training.

Fredrick was searching for more out of his training and knowledge of fitness. He discovered crossfit in 2013 and has been training continuously since. During his training in crossfit he has had to manage bad shoulders from past injuries to keep improving in this sport.

This new style of training and passion for a strong community of fitness lead him to becoming a coach. 



Kathy Wang

Kathy Wang is a certified personal trainer and currently studying Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at University of Queensland.

4 years ago, she was fluctuating between being underweight and being slightly overweight due to eating disorder and excessive cardio.11907179-1014367301927349-7675854711387523302-n.jpg

3 years ago, she found her passion in weight lifting and started educating herself on nutrition.

She started competing at fitness competitions since 2013 and has won overall in Bikini category at Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo.

She is now pursuing her dream of becoming a professional figure competitor by powerlifting and bodybuilding style of training.

She firmly believing in being both mentally and physically strong, have a balanced healthy lifestyle, and build an aesthetically pleasing physique at the same time. And she hopes to motivate and inspire women from all over the world regardless of the genetics and circumstances to be strong, beautiful and confident.