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We have spent hours on the web searching for the best brands and products to help you smash your next training session. Whether you are a crossfitter, runner or a weightlifter, we offer the convenience of getting all your fitness accessories in one place and have the best prices.  Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Quality products and customer service is our top priority. We are focused on delivering your purchase quickly and accurately. Wicked Fitness Accessories is a store where you can trust that whatever you are buying is of high quality and an effective product

We are the leading provider of products for Fitness athletes from beginners to elite athletes. We accomplish this by engaging all athletes and the community through great content, information and involvement, world class customer service and a unique selection of the best products available.

Our goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of those that we interact with and to create a business with a “win-win” approach for everyone. At Wicked Fitness Accessories we aim to offer only high quality goods that we ourselves test and believe in.

We stock the following brands;




Exosleeve Knee Sleeves





RXD Hand Repair Balm

Eat, Drink, Paleo

Rich Froning book

Sock it to me


Natural grips

No limits wrist wraps

Junk Brands


Jerkfit Nubs

Stance Socks

Wicked Bands

And much more!